WOMB//TOMB is an ongoing exploration of the power of the womb and the invisible forces it conjures within our psyches. The womb is life-giving, life taking and holds tremendous transformational power. It is the ultimate container for life and death: a force of nature that has no equal. It’s existence evokes paradoxical feelings within us: feelings of security, care and unconditional love, but also of  anxiety, suffocation and overwhelm. 

WOMB//TOMB visually represents the complex feelings we have towards the womb, towards the people who have a womb and towards the responsibilities and expectations that are associated with having a womb.


The apparently simple interventions and visual language of the collages contrast with their substantive ‘frayed edges’. Using the power of association and analogy, the works are directive and simultaneously provide the viewer with enough room to create an interpretation of one’s own. 

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